Governance and Compliance

We Provide Solutions For Many Industries

How We Do Business

We recognize that our customers have options, and we are committed to being the service provider of choice in America. We do this by focusing on value creation, seeking out mutually beneficial solutions, and developing fit-for-purpose projects that expand product options for our customers.

We are committed to operating safely to protect the things that are important to us and to you. We will never compromise the safety of our operations, employees, communities or environment.

Delivering energy for today’s world requires a respect for our environment. We are committed to being conscious of how our operations impact the environment, from reclamation of land, to sensitivity around wildlife, to reducing climate emissions.

  • ANTI-BRIBERY AND CORRUPTIONGIS MidStream has a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption and does not permit any of its employees, senior managers and/or directors to engage in acts of bribery or corruption. GIS MidStream expects the same level of compliance from any third parties associated with the company.
  • ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERINGGIS MidStream does not support nor facilitate money laundering in any form. GIS MidStream will comply with all anti-money laundering regulations applicable in each of the jurisdictions in which it operates.
  • CUSTOMER DUE DILIGENCEBefore engaging or conducting any business with third parties, GIS MidStream conducts reasonable and appropriate risk based due diligence to satisfy Sanctions requirements and also to avoid time wasters, importsors and scammers.